!  Vishnu Mantra  !    "Shaantaakaaram Bhujagashayanam Padmanaabham Suresham Vishwaadhaaram Gaganasadrasham Meghavarnam Shubhaangam Lakshmikaantam Kamalanayanam Yogibhirdhyaanagamyam Vande Vishnum Bhavabhayaharam Sarvalokaikanaatham."   !  Vishnu Mantra  !   
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Namaskar. I have got some beautiful shilas from you & I thank you for the same. Your company is doing well in extending good services 7 in bringing good Shalagrama Shilas to the needy. Please keep it...


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Jewellery of Shaligram

Ring of Shaligram Shila

Donation ₹ : 3000 *

Bracelet of Shaligram Shila

Donation ₹ : 5500 *

Locket of Shaligram Shila

Donation ₹ : 3500 *

Mala of Shaligram Shila

Donation ₹ : 25000 *

Note : * Donation Amount may vary according to size of shila and rate, weight of silver at the time of order.
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